Possession #1

Possession #1
Released July 11, 2018

Open Discussion

Mythology, superheroes, punk rock and kinky sex! In the troubled metropolis of Santa Mira, Javier Sanchez discovers strange activity in the company where he works.  He finds himself attacked by freakish thugs, while his co-workers become drawn into their own dark mysteries.


Spoilers up through this issue allowed (no spoilers from future issues please).

Which characters and plot lines caught your interest?

What is going on at Golden State Electric and Gas?

Share photos worthy of Trendy Cats.

Do you have any questions for Possession’s creators?  Ask them here!




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  1. Cyndi

    August 5, 2018 at 9:45 am

    Trendy Cats is gonna love this one! Possession creator Michael Norwitz covered in cats!

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