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Episode 22- Podcast the Hunter, Cheers to Comics!  March 18, 2019. Discussion of Possession runs from 2:17:30-2:24:55 . “This is the comic book equivalent of a romance novel…The art is fantastic in this and I love the commitment to mythology in this, but it is heavily sexualized.”

Pinups, Massages, Enchantment, and Mother Superior, Sequential Sex Podcast.  January 31, 2019. Discussion of Possession runs from 19:45-31:20.  “It is fascinating and must be re-read…This is one of those stories that you could skim it through and get an enjoyable read and it’s fine…but if you re-read these, you will get rewarded, because you’ll see the layers of things that come in. … Good and I recommend.”

POSSESSION 1 & 2, Gay League, January 20, 2019. “Possession is a labor of love for everyone putting it together and certainly they should take pride in their accomplishments. If you’re interested in comics with queer and diverse characters…consider checking out this series.”

Possession-Mystery, Myth & Action-A Review, Issue 2, Classic Comics Forum.  By codystarbuck, January 16, 2019.  “This continues to be an intriguing mystery, with parallels to mythology. It also continues to be filled with rich characters who are still somewhat unknown to us; but, there are little details in dialogue and body language that convey a richness that makes us want to explore them. This is definitely a smarter than average book, which doesn’t serve everything to you on a platter. There’s food for the brain here, as much as there is visual excitement.”

Possession-Mystery, Myth & Action-A Review, Issue 1, Classic Comics Forum.  By codystarbuck, September 21. 2018.  “There is some real meat here. You have some developed characters and intriguing mysteries going on, and a cast that intersects in varied ways. There is sharp storytelling going on here. It’s not as flashy as some books out there; but, it is more satisfying to the brain. If you like a good mystery, enjoy ‘real’ characters, a bit of fantasy & the supernatural, and don’t have issues with more adult depictions of sexual situations, than this is definitely worth a look.”

Critiquing Comics #142: “The World of Tomorrow” and “Possession”. Deconstructing Comics Podcast.  Discussion of Possession runs from 25:17 to 51:28.  By Tim and Mulele, October 8, 2018.  “An overweight woman who takes photos of cats. A pair of adulterous Greek gods. A wife who is being cheated on but has secrets of her own. The cheating husband’s mistress who gets work advice from a ghost. A punk music club where… wait, why is all of this in one first issue?”

New Retro Wave: Possession #1 Comic Review.  By Joey Edsall, August 31, 2018.  “The comic that manages to be equal parts forward thinking and retro-inspired is here with a full-length debut issue.  It’s refreshing to see a series so rooted in classic mythology to be such an inventive take on modern fantasy, and it’s with that in mind that Possession #1 is a delight to read…In a lot of ways, Possession feels like the comic equivalent of the VHS of some forgotten cult classic that rides the line between sleaze and art in a way that you don’t get much of elsewhere.”

First Comic News: Possession # 1.  By Richard Vasseur, July 27, 2018.  “There are a lot of interesting characters in this comic….There is some mystery which does have you asking questions. Plus you will be interested to see what comes next for these people.”

Reading with a Flight Ring: Possessed #1.  By Steven Leitman, July 27, 2018.  “[Possession] is a creative story that transports the reader to a place and time they wouldn’t have gone on their own which for me is what good storytelling is all about…Once again it’s time for my plea that y’all look outside the majors and consider the minor and independent leagues because it’s stories like this one that remind us why we started reading them in the first place.”

A Place to Hang Your Cape: Eight More Engaging Pitches in Octal Vol. 2.  By Jonathan Hazin, July 21, 2018.  “There are a lot of interesting ideas in Possession…I can see plenty of potential in a world of superheroes powered by the Greek gods.”

New Retro Wave: Octal: Volume 2 – Review.  By Joey Edsall, December 11, 2016.  “Possession is definitely the pilot most relevant to NewRetroWave readers and fans of 80’s nostalgia in general…[Creates] a The Wicken + The Divine (my personal favorite comic series) meets Hotline Miami vibe. Ultimately it works very well…This is definitely a title to keep on your radar.”

First Comic News: Pitching Comics with Octal.  Also at NerdSpan.  throws back to indie comics of the late 80’s with a distinctive blend of romance, action, and horror.”

Comic Booked: Octal Volume 2 Review.  By Ian Yarington, September 27, 2016.  Eight professional pitch packages for comic book series.  “I feel like the pitch for Possession is the best of all…”

Frags and Beer: Octal Comics is Helping Creators Pitch Their Books.  By Trever Bierschbach, September 25, 2016.  “Possession is a throw-back to indie comics of the 80s that blends romance, action and horror.”


NEW! In Goth We Trust, WIOX Community Radio, Catskills, New York, June 29, 2022.  Interview with Michael Norwitz.  (link coming)

The Hero’s Journey of Enrico Carnevale.  By Peter DeKuster, October 10, 2018.  Possession’s artist talks about his passions, work, and process.

AMA Feed: Ask Me Anything.  July 2018.  Michael Norwitz answers questions about Possession, comics, the writing process, and more.

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